2017 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

An international cast of producers serve up some quality dancefloor techno

This release is part two of a four-part EP series that features some of the key artists linked to Oliver Huntemann's Hamburg-based Senso Sounds, a label that has gained a compelling reputation for releasing some excellent dark yet funky techno and tech-house.

The opener comes from German DJ/producer André Winter, and is called Carte Blanche. It's a perfect example of Winter's well-groomed sound, with a simple intro that builds through layers of percussion and intricate sounds that all tie-in nicely and make this a real dancefloor groover. There are echoed sounds, claps, a great lead line and sci-fi sounds to give it an air of anticipation as it weaves around your senses. Then you have Maksim Dark's Addendum, which really shows off the young Russian's studio smarts. Addendum is another dark yet accessible groover with locks you in right from the start, with male spoken vocal samples and pulsing synths throughout.

Next up is American producer Shaded (aka Skyler Taugher's) Sip Trip, which dials up the acidity and adds trippy male vocals and swung percussion to make the most spaced-out track on the EP, although the groove is solid throughout, with a pumping bassline and spine-crawling sound FX. Completing the EP is Alex Lühr's Atlante, which is pared to the core of just what is needed to get your groove on, with grunting synth lines, spacey FX and a pumping backbeat that drives you ever forward.

This EP is well worth a listen if you're a fan of 'no guts, no glory' techno - what it lacks in hardness is tempered with deft production skills. Carte Blanche is my favourite but all are worthy contenders for space on your memory stick and I suspect this EP will be sought out by discerning techno fans the world over.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 11 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: Senso Sounds, Oliver Huntemann, André Winter, Maksim Dark, Shaded, Skyler Taugher, Alex Lühr