2021 Sep 19     
2 Bit Thugs

The first salvo in their birthday celebrations packs five deep tech and minimal gems

Luxembourg's Lauter.records reach their 100th release, which they're marking with a multi-part compilation showcasing brand new tracks from artists that are "friends and family" of the label.

Fittingly enough, label co-owner Alex Heide gets the ball rolling with Vibromatic, a lively little deep tech throbber that starts out quite techno-sounding but soon gets into a housier groove. Bee Lincoln is up next with We Are So, whose bubblin' 303s, jungle whoops and tight, crisp percussion you can file under deep tech, tech-house or just good old acid house as you see fit!

Then comes CVO with Lola's Motility, a more overtly minimal-leaning affair with a squelchy bassline and a spoken female psychobabble filter, the latter put through a gentle ring-mod in places. Edgar Peng then serves up Retouch, quite a lively cut with a bubblin' bassline and all manner of quirky FX and micro-sounds, before Najeh closes out the EP with the twitchy, glitchy minimalism of Nova.

If deep tech and minimal are your bag you'll find much to enjoy here – and indeed across the label's output as a whole – with Vibromatic the stand-out for yours truly. Happy anniversary guys, and here's to 100 more…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 17 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Lauter.records, Alex Heide, Bee Lincoln, CVO, Edgar Peng, Najeh, deep house, deep tech, minimal