2019 Jun 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Not-for-profit label Needs turn their attention to saving the planet

For release number six, charity-focused label Needs turn their attention to environmental issues – something I'm always happy to jump on a soap box and shout about, especially if it involves music! Specifically, this four-track EP is a fundraiser for the charity Cool Earth.

The first track is by Eris Drew and is titled See You In Snow. This one has a distinctly old-school, DIY feel to it, with lots of cut 'n' paste and old school drum machines. That's followed by Edward with Mind Loop, which again has an old school feel with funky bass, a mad lead synth riff and lots of incidental sounds. Up next is D Tiffany's Sun Trip, a dubby affair with lots of reverb and echo, and a tasty little breakbeat which is always a bonus. There are some gushing chords and vocal samples as well, and the breaks carry it nicely. And then the final cut is Henry Hyde's Every Day’s A Good Day For A Swim, a very laidback number that begins with drums and airy synth chords and is more of a chill-out tune than the rest.

So there you have it: four diverse cuts with an important message. Even if you aren't that into the beats, perhaps this will help drive the message home about the environment. We live in hope!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 May



Review Score: 7




Tags: Needs, Eris Drew, Edward, D Tiffany, Henry Hyde, Cool Earth