2015 Dec 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Mixed by Rachel Auburn, it comes packed with trance, techno and nu-NRG classics from the likes of Joey Beltram, Mrs Wood, John 'OO' Fleming and Cygnus X

Anyone who was around in the 90s will remember the Reactivate compilation series for sure. The flagship compilation brand of the React label, over the years the series championed the then-emerging sounds of techno, trance and Nu-NRG while always maintaining a dignified approach to track choices and artwork.

The series began in 1991 with Reactivate Volume 1: The Belgian Techno Anthems, one of the first times a compilation had truly reflected the playlist of underground DJs, be they supporters of techno, hardcore or rave.The compilation series, which eventually covered 18 volumes as well as several 'best ofs' and the odd spin-off project, sold over a million albums over the course of the decade, highlighting the compilation album's importance as a medium for music discovery at that time.

Now, with nostalgia for the nineties at an all-time high, React have their timing spot on as they unleash this new collection, which brings together the highlights from the series. Mixed by Rachel Auburn, the seamless double mix CD gathers together a flowing selection of varied gems from the Reactivate years including The Age Of Love, Beltram's Energy Flash, Fierce Ruling Diva's Rubb It In, Zero B's Lock Up, Marmion's Schoneberg and personal favourite Peppermint Lounge by Lemon Project.

For those that remember, this classics-packed set is likely to bring a nostalgic tear to the eye, while for younger buyers, it's a chance to experience that 90s rave vibe at first hand. Essential.


Review Score: 8




Tags: trance, techno, nu-NRG, Mrs Wood, Blu Peter, John 'OO' Fleming, Cygnus X, Joey Beltram, Zero B, Fierce Ruling Diva, Li Kwan, Marmion, Sourmash