2021 Feb 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Lost Desert's "playa house" label serve up a fourth V/A sampler EP

What we have here, as you've probably already sussed, is the fourth in a series of sampler EPs from Souksonic, the 'playa house' label set up by Belgian scene fave in 2019. It's also only the label's 12th-ever release, so if Souksonic's a new name to you, don't beat yourself up too much! 

The first track on the EP, Kous De Souk, comes from former iDJ cover star Steve Kelley. It opens with sonorous, slow-rollin' percussion, which is soon joined by a brooding, evolving synth drone, barely-there Spanish guitar flutters and just a hint of a disembodied female voice, before the languid but meaty bassline arrives, forming the backbone around which various synths twist and twine, with the flamenco guitar and those breathy fem vox adding the crucial "human" element that saves the tune from being just A.N.Other synth exercise.

Nursultan Kun's Tebraha is up next, which is a little more on the laidback and dreamy side, followed by Alas by Matias Frittipaldi with its fragments of indie/pop-style male vocal. Over on B, meanwhile, Tormentas from Thales Senses is another smooth, lazy ride with a distinctly Balearic feel, Frittipalidi teams up with Bautista Toniolo for Zebrina where you'll find more flamenco geetar, some eastern-sounding chimes and another male vocal, before finally it's left to AlbePt to close out the EP with the slighly more overtly floor-friendly Love.

If you're a fan of deep, ethno-leaning melodic/progressive grooves generally, then you'll find much to enjoy here. And even if you're not, give the EP a spin anyway: unlike many similar releases, there's just enough variety on offer to ensure all the tracks don't start to blur into one…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 February



Review Score: 7




Tags: Souksonic, Lost Desert, Patrick Bruyndonk, Steve Kelley, Nursultan Kun, Matias Frittipaldi, Thales Senses, Bautista Toniolo, AlbePt