2017 Oct 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Featuring cuts from CDC, James Organ (and friends), Pete Dorling, Rich Pinder and more

As is many labels' wont, Carpe Diem Musica have put out this 10-track label sampler just in time for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). So is it any good?

Style-wise it's tech-house all the way, with the first track being a great example of the genre by Pete Dorling entitled Forgotten Times. It starts with a swung, off-time drum beat and features loads of different vocal samples that are sped up, timestretched and warped into a number of very odd lines, making the track sound suitably trippy - and a great opener. Other standout tracks come from CDC with Automatic, which features bluesy vocals from the start with a galloping bassline and claps; James Organ, Nino Santos & Lightem with Noodle Whip, which starts with odd percussion and builds with snare hits, vocal samples, sci-fi sounds and old school rave noises; Rich Pinder with Technology, which features many strange mechanical samples; and Biagini & Marchini with Repeats, which features a speech from a scientist over an old school rave-esque backbeat with hoover sounds and chants.

If you're a fan of the tech-house genre this release contains some great examples of the sound, with my favourite track being James Organ, Nino Santos & Lightem’s Noodle Whip with its slightly tribal feel, messed-up vocals and futuristic sounds a-plenty. It's well worth a listen on your next download binge.. and to answer my own question, yes, it's very good!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Carpe Diem Musica, ADE, James Organ, Nino Santos, Lightem, Rich Pinder, Pete Dorling, Biagini & Marchini, tech house, tech-house