2019 Jan 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The Cork-based label serve up Vol 5 in their now-annual compilation series

Ireland's Mood 24 label have been turning out high-quality deep house, deep techno and minimal grooves for nearly seven years now. For the past five years, they've been bringing us an annual compilation, and suffice to say if you like it on the deep side you're unlikely to be disappointed here.

Unusually, Mood 24's VA comps don't represent the best of the past year's output, or a sneak preview of the coming year's. Instead, in their own words, "every year we keep a lot of demos sent throughout the year to make a very special V/A," meaning that each and every one of these tracks is certified 'fresh'! The moody, minimal rumbles of Arph & Kame2's Purple Moment get the ball rolling, before things take a housier turn on Avstin Frank & Salermo's 54 E. Between them, those two cuts pretty much set the tone for the rest of the EP: there are no peaktime screamers here, no big and brassy tech-house stompers, just stripped-back, bass-heavy grooves that'll be equally at home on 4am dancefloors or during the post-club comedown session.

The few vocals that do appear are of the sampled, fragmented variety, and while the collection may be short on familiar names (though Djosh and Herman Saiz both feature), it's certainly not lacking in quality, with other highlights including Hugh Def's Can You Do Without with its dashes of jazz and funk, the deep, dubby lushness of Jeann's Definition and the pared-back minimalism of Franco Motta's Sunday 287, which is probably the most floor-friendly cut of the lot.

A very fine collection, and further proof that Mood 24 are most definitely here to stay!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 7 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Mood 24, Arph, Kame2, Avstin Frank, Salermo, Djosh, Herman Saiz, Jeann, Hugh Def, Franco Motta