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"Future Disco Vol 9: A Disco Love Affair"

Label: Needwant Recordings

2016 Mar 02     
2 Bit Thugs

A cherry-picked collection highlighting the musical synergy between dance and disco

A Disco Love Affair, the ninth compilation in the Future Disco series, pays homage to the longstanding love affair between dance music and disco. Future Disco’s latest edition reflects seven years' and nine episodes' experience of exploring the limits of what defines the genre and how it exists in the present moment.

Future Disco do what they do best and select the freshest talents: from Fatima Yamaha, I Robots and HNNY, who each helped shape the musical landscape of 2015, to prevailing remixers such as Joshua James and Tuff City Kids. The resurrection of some of disco’s original pioneers, New Order, is celebrated alongside unreleased material from Hess Is More, Boxed In, Needwant’s own talent Ashworth, and an original Future Disco edit from Flash Atkins, all packaged within a mixed and unmixed version.

It’s a compelling ride that proves disco lives on, despite the bumps along the way. The vibe it spawned paved the way for dance music as we know it - and its treasured influence will never truly be extinguished as long as we have Needwant releasing such quality compilations.

Release date: Out now

Words: Pathaan


Review Score: 9




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