2016 Oct 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Not too many big names involved, but there's plenty of production talent on display all the same

What we have here is the fourth label compilation - in roughly as many years - from UK house imprint NastyFunk.

Don't come here looking for big names - the likes of Ketami, Peter Cruch and DJOKO should ring a bell for more dedicated followers of the underground house scene but the other artists involved generally fall into the 'newcomers' category. But that's not to say there isn't plenty of quality on offer.

Contemporary-style bass-y house vibes are the order of the day overall, though naturally with 10 tracks from as many artists there's room for some degree of variety within that overarching remit. Ketami's Twisted, for instance, is notable for its use of delicate chime/music box-type sounds on a track that's otherwise mostly defined by raw-edged bass and "big booty bitches" hip-hop vox, while Lazor's Pump It Up nods to vintage Chi-town acid and Antonio Andrea's Amsterdam leads us down a techier, more driving road.

Nonetheless, "contemporary-style bass-y house vibes" still works as a summary of what's on offer from NastyCutz IV, and if such sounds are your bag, then you'll find plenty here to keep your ears entertained, and your dancefloor moving.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 3 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: NastyFunk, Nasty Funk, Ketami, Peter Cruch, DJOKO, Lazor, Antonio Andrea