2016 Aug 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Features contributions from Super Flu, Nico Cabeza, Chris Wood & MEAT and Anek

Off the back of the success of the first Orbiter EP, Moon Harbour have decided to give us a part two, which again features both new and established artists and contains four slick, groove-laden tracks.

First up is Do Ex by German duo Super Flu, a building tech-house track which samples a small portion of Crystal Waters’s classic Gypsy Woman and loops it up as the main hook to the track - but not in an obvious way, and not in a way that you could call this a cover as the sample is so small. Then you have Rocambolesco by Nico Cabeza, which is a frenetic groove that really draws you in with string risers, a quirky synth riff and atmospheric samples.

Work My Body by Anek starts with a breakbeat drum loop, brings in the funk via a rubbery synth bassline and then adds quirky vocal samples and ambient swooshing sounds. As the track develops, there is a breakdown with vocal samples and risers. Finally you have That's Fresh by Chris Wood & MEAT, which uses a conga loop, scratches and hip-hop vocal samples saying “that’s fresh”, which give it a great old-skool/nu-skool feel.

What really impresses me here is the fact that every one of the tracks on this release would be good enough for a single release, and I know that I'll be playing all four in my sets in the months to come. But if I had to pick a favourite it would be Do Ex, for its clever use of the aforesaid Crystal Waters sample.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 24 August


Review Score: 9




Tags: Moon Harbour, Orbiter II, tech house, tech-house, Super Flu, Nico Cabeza, Chris Wood & MEAT, Anek