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VIDEO PREMIERE! Korablove - 'Early In the Morning'

Watch the Russian techno producer's trippy new video here

2019 Mar 25     
2 Bit Thugs

'Early In The Morning' comes from his album 'Hello Darkness', which is out now

Today's exclusive premiere comes in audio-visual form. Early In The Morning from Russian techno/electronica producer Korablove has been out for a while – it's taken from the album Hello Darkness, which dropped on Elusive Records in December – but this is your very first chance to see the brand new video produced by film-makers Lisa Laser and Mirko Gredig, which has a decidedly hallucinogenic feel.

Hailing originally from St Petersburg but now based in Moscow, Korablove (AKA Roman Smirnov) has been a staple of the Russian dance scene for over 20 years. He emerged as a DJ in the mid-90s, made the move into production a few years later and to date has racked up over 50 releases, including 10 studio albums of which Hello Darkness is the latest. Early In The Morning itself is an experimental, forward-thinking blend of intricate techno percussion and wailing Middle Eastern sounds, which give the track its distinctive haunting, tripped-out feel.

And that feeling is only heightened when watching Laser and Gredig's short film for the track which, with its choppy fast cuts, digital glitch FX and morphing colours, is somewhat akin to wandering through a dawn forest while under the effects of psychedelic mushrooms. Er, we expect… ahem.

See what you think...

Like that? Then click here to order the album, or hit up the links below for more information...

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