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VIIIA is a rave on an aircraft carrier

…with Sharam, Miguel Migs and Tara Brooks headlining

2021 Sep 22     
2 Bit Thugs

The place be on 23 October is on-board the USS Hornet

Now here's a party with a difference. VIIIA, a new promotions company dedicated to “breaking new ground”, are to host their inaugural event on 23 October in a most unusual location: on-board the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, which is docked in Alameda, California.

It's a location with some serious history behind it. Not only was USS Hornet key to US naval operations in the Pacific during World War II, carrying over 100 military aircraft, it's also the very same ship that rescued the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 astronauts once their space capsules had splashed down at sea.

And fittingly, VIIIA – which is pronounced 'veee-ah', by the way – have booked a couple of headliners that have some serious history behind them too: step up, Deep Dish man Sharam and West Coast deep/soulful house stalwart Miguel Migs. Joining them will be San Diego progressive house fave Tara Brooks, SHDWS, Nick Monaco, Icecreams, Brunch Life, Audiowall, Willaa B2B Tromme and N808… not to mention the 1,500 ravers who'll be helping them pop the Hornet's rave cherry.

“We’re not interested in doing what’s been done before,” said VIIIIA co-founder Daniel Peterson. “We want to break new ground. VIIIA events will become a cornerstone of youth culture. Like those who attended Woodstock or the first Ultra Music Festival, in 20 or 30 years’ time people will recall their VIIIA experiences and say, ‘I was there’.”

Tickets are on sale now, with a share of proceeds going to the humanitarian aid charity Direct Relief.

To get yours, or for more info, hit up VIIIA's own website.






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