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Virtual DJ upgraded

2021 Summer Edition is available now

2021 May 03     
2 Bit Thugs

FX can now be applied to individual stems, and stems can be exported

The latest edition of Atomix Productions' popular DJ software Virtual DJ has just been released, with new enhancements in particular to its handling of stems.

The ability to break tracks down into individual 'stems' – vocals, instruments, bass, kick and hi-hat – was introduced in the last update, Virtual DJ 2021, which somewhat confusingly was released August last year. Now this functionality has been boosted with the addition of two new features.

Firstly, FX can now be applied just to particular stems – you can echo out the beats, for instance, while leaving the vox untouched, or vice versa. And secondly, stems can now be exported to a USB stick as tracks in their own right, this latter addition being for the benefit of DJs who prefer not to take their laptop to the club.

“Traditionally, VirtualDJ’s core market has spanned all types of DJs, from bedroom beginners to festival superstars, but with a bigger market share in the professional 'working DJs' segment,” explains Atomix CEO Stephane Clavel. “With the introduction of our new Instant Stems Separation technology, we wanted to also bring this to the high- level 'festival DJs', to let them too discover this new way of DJing and the future it’s paving.” 

“But most of these DJs do not use a laptop when they perform, so we had to step outside of our traditional DJ software paradigm, and add to VirtualDJ Pro a preparation mode so that users can export their libraries onto USB sticks, that can then be plugged into any CDJ on stage, and perform live. Though it doesn’t give all the bells and whistles of using the full VirtualDJ Pro software, it still enables instant access to play the separate stems of the tracks, for unlimited creativity and live remixes.”

We've had a very quick play with the latest edition and can happily confirm that the creative mixing possibilities offered by this new feature are, indeed, really quite exciting! Other additions in the updated package include #hashtag support in comment fields and other tweaks to browsing operations. 

Virtual DJ is compatible with most popular hardware controllers, is free for home use (with Pro licences charged on per-month basis), and can be downloaded from their website.





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