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VSTs on USBs

Spectrasonics kills off the DVD-ROM

2016 Jan 08     
2 Bit Thugs

All the LA-based plugin manufacturer's products will now ship on USB drives, or as direct downloads

Spectrasonics, the Los Angeles company behind many popular plugins including the Omnisphere 2 synth, Trilian bass synth and Stylus RMX rhythm generator, has announced that it will no longer be supplying DVD-ROM versions of its software products. Instead, customers will have the choice of either a USB drive with the software installed on it, or - in a new development for Spectrasonics - simply downloading their plugins from the Spectrasonics website.

The new credit card-style drives are said to speed up the installation process considerably, though it's worth noting that you do still need to install the plugins. That is to say, they don't run from the drive itself, so if you have limited hard disk space and were imagining hot-swapping a bunch of Omnisphere instruments then sorry, but you're out of luck! Meanwhile for buyers who choose to download the plugins instead - a quicker, more convenient option for those who don't live near any of Spectrasonics' retail distributors - Spectrasonics has also introduced its own download manager app.

Spectrasonics founder and creative director Eric Persing said: "We are extremely pleased to at last offer our whole line of virtual instruments in vastly improved modern platforms that truly match the rest of the premium experience of our award-winning instruments. We happily bid farewell to the era of optical discs and their eternal install times!”

For more information, visit the Spectrasonics website or hit up Oh, and before anyone complains, we should point out that all Spectrasonics plugins support AU and RTAS/AAX operation as well as VST. But somehow 'RTAS/AAX on USB' didn't have quite the same ring to it.





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