2018 Apr 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Italian producer Waitz delivers three floor-friendly house cuts

An EP here that's all killer and no filler, with three chunky tracks that are guaranteed to get a dancefloor rocking.

The first of the three is titled Got It. It comes out with all guns blazing, with a thumping kick and a closed hi-hat along with a male vocal sample that's repeated over and over. A second, female vocal sample from a well-known tune is also deployed - but more as a backing track, which works really well over the punchy bass tones and swung drum pattern. There are just a few lines repeated from the acapella but when it does kick in the timing is spot on, and it really adds extra oomph to an already firing tune.

Track number two is Involution itself, which starts with a quirky percussive intro. When the kick and hi-hat do come in, they give the track that low-slung, swung feel that works so well on a dancefloor. There are sci-fi noises and female vocal samples and all told it's a techy, funky slammer of a track. Finally you have Distance, a force to be reckoned with a super funky bassline, rave-y synth stabs and, again, a low-slung, dirty feel.

All three tracks are strong enough to stand up in their own right, and I'll definitely be playing all three, but for me the winner is Got It as it uses the Bad Habit sample so well. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Waitz, Rawsome Recordings, house