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Warm up with IK Multimedia

Introducing the T-RackS Saturator X

2016 May 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Give digitally produced tracks some analogue-sounding warmth with IK's latest plug-in

IK Multimedia has announced a new saturation plug-in, the T-RackS Saturator X.

Launched as a mastering suite in 2000, the T-RackS series fast became a very popular solution for producers who wanted to master their own tracks; since then the technology has moved on, and you're as likely to find T-RackS plug-ins being used within a DAW to polish individual audio tracks prior to the mixdown. This latest addition to the T-RackS universe offers digital emulation of classic analogue hardware units, with two 'tape', two 'tube', two 'master soft saturation', two 'solid state' and two 'transformer' modes to choose from.

The plug-in also features a Magic Eye virtual VU Meter so you can see how much saturation you're applying, as well as a brickwall limiter so you don't get carried away and mess things up competely!

T-RackS Saturator X is available to download from the IK online store now, priced $79.99/€79.99. You can also download a fully-featured 14-day trial version before you buy. For more details, and to hear before/after clips of the plug-in in action, hit up