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Watch the new video from Diplo & Sleepy Tom

'Be Right There' is out now on Mad Decent

2015 Dec 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Track samples Jade's R&B classic 'Don't Walk Away', and the video comes suitably laden with 90s references

Diplo's latest single is a collaboration with Canadian producer Cam Tatham, better known as Sleepy Tom. Be Right There is based around the vocal from Jade's 1992 R&B smash Don't Walk Away, though it's not actually a sample - the vocal's been resung by Priscilla. It's also less of an EDM-tastic affair than much of Diplo's output - 'big room house' would probably be the best description, though it's still definitely aimed at candy ravers than deep house chin-strokers!

In keeping with the 'sample' source, the video - which you can see below - pays homage to dance music videos of the early 90s too, all dancing silhouettes and cheesy 80s graphics. The video was directed by Dan Streit and Sean Lopez, and features dancers Fulana Bahati, Asako Hara and Helen Gudlu... who also manage to work in a knowing nod or two to the big Hollywood song and dance extravaganzas of the 30s and 40s.

In other Diplo news, it was announced recently that he was the most Shazam'd artist of 2015, with Diplo, Major Lazer and Jack U tracks ID'd using the app an incredible 40 million times. In 26 million of those cases, people were looking up Major Lazer's Lean On, which was recently declared the most-streamed track of all time on Spotify.





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