2019 Jun 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Following the success of 'Feel My Needs' last year, Weiss looks to the early days of house for inspiration

Weiss’s Feel My Needs was without doubt one of the biggest tunes of 2018, and now for 2019 he returns with another anthemic release.

After the huge success of Feel My Needs, Weiss – a Toolroom stalwart since the early days – is of course faced with that age-old problem: how do you follow up a tune that made such a big splash? Luckily for him, that's unlikely to be a problem because Let Me Love You is every bit as good – and every bit as accessible – as its predecessor, and likely to be just as big. It features the vocals of Kariya and will strike a chord for us oldies who remember the late 80s original, but for younger audiences it will be a new sound completely – and what a sound it is. 

Weiss has sped it up and his version comes in Original Mix, Club Mix and Radio Edit forms, with an excellent piano backing that really makes it soar. The Original has a few vocal chops at the beginning but otherwise sticks to the 1988 original’s vocal arrangement, with a great bassline added and that delectable new piano sound, while the Club Mix rearranges the lyrics and gives it a looped feeling that will work great on the dancefloor.

My advice though, is to bask in the brilliance of Weiss’s Original Mix – he's done an excellent job of turning an old classic into a new one that's a must for summer dancefloors.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Weiss, Toolroom, Kariya, house