2021 May 18     
2 Bit Thugs

The mysterious Westcoast Goddess comes to KRY's fledgling Rotterdam-based label

What we have here is only the seventh release from Infinite Pleasure, a new label that's based in Rotterdam and headed up by KRY, or Khalil Ryadi. It's also a first appearance in iDJ for the mysterious Westcoast Goddess - we know it's a he and we know he's based in Berlin, but that's about it. No matter, because the four tracks here speak for themselves.

Up first is Like I Want U, a proper organ-led, soulfully-vocalled slice of deep Jersey-style garage of the kind you just don't hear enough of these days. Next comes Home Slice, which isn't hugely dissimilar in style but perhaps makes a better fit for the hype sheet's "future boogie" description, and which sports a fat, squelchy bassline that's been bugging the hell out of yours truly because it reminds me of something else, a record I've owned for about 30 years and have played a milion times – I just can't remember what record it actually is…

Moving swiftly over to the B, we come to U Up? itself, which is a little lighter on its feet and perhaps has more crossover appeal, with a vocal that recalls Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle – I don't think it's actually a sample of that famous wail, but you get the idea! And then to complete the package comes Home 2Nite, which is just a nice lil' deep house groover with another buzzy b-line and a similarly old school feel to the rest of the EP.

It's Like I Want U that takes the gold for me, but this is classy stuff all round – more like this, please!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 14 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Westcoast Goddess, deep house, US garage, Infinite Pleasure