2021 Oct 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Deep Fix man Wez BK and friends get seriously spaced-out on his debut long-player

Deep Fix Recordings co-owner Wez BK chooses Murat Vural's Sound Vessel Recordings as the vehicle for his debut artist album. It's not just HIS debut album, though: as the name suggests, Cosmic Journey With Friends is a collaborative affair that finds him teaming up with various other producers on what he tells us is "a bucket list project which is a homage to my lifelong obsession with space." 

Accordingly, while opener Scepticism comes from Wez on his own, the rest of the tracks are all team-ups with (in order) Col Lawton, HUGEhands, V77NNY, Plasticpoison and, last but definitely not least, Vural himself in his Processing Vessel guise. Given the extensive list of names involved, it's perhaps unsurprising that it's apparently an album that's been some 12 years in the making – thankfully, though, it's turned out to be one that was worth waiting for!

Scepticism gets the ball rollling nicely, a chuggy and just-slightly glitchy affair with one of those "sampled from a philosophy lecture"-type vocals. Lawton collab Earth=Humans then picks up the pace a little, and is a sheer delight with its shufflin' drums, endlessly echoing keys and garage-y female vocal snips, the latter alternating with a male voice talking about the formation of planets and the emergence of life thereon.

Voices (with HUGEhands) is another rather lovely piece, slightly mellower and jazzier but still with enough bottom-end oomph for the floor, before we head into the small hours jacking zone with the V77NNY-sporting Deep Space Satellite. There's just time, then, for Wez and Plasticpoison to serve up an almost archetypal (in a good way) deep house groover in the form of From Another Galaxy, before the label boss steps in to lend a hand on closer Alien Intelligence, which like Earth=Humans is another one with distinct garage-y overtones.

It might take a listen or two for these tracks to really sink in, but once they do you'll be hooked. Proof that classic-style deep house is alive and well if you know where to look!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Wez BK, Sound Vessel, Deep Fix, Murat Vural, Col Lawton, HUGEhands, V77NNY, Plasticpoison, deep house, deep tech