2016 Oct 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Spektre takes care of remix business on this latest from Pig & Dan's label

This release on Pig & Dan’s fast-growing Elevate label features two originals plus a remix of the title track by Spektre, and all three are proper party-starters.

Firstly we have the original mix of The Gods Clap, which opens with a percussive intro that develops slowly, first with various claps and clacks and then with low bass tones that soar and give the track a real menacing feel. This menacing theme is continued throughout, and in the breakdown things get really eerie as it reaches its crescendo.

Next up is Russian Doll, which is a masterpiece of minimalism yet manages to sound phat and visceral throughout despite having hardly any instrumentation in play. There is a vocal chant as the main hook that's layered over a behemoth of a backbeat, which you just know will sound amazing on a massive soundsystem - and this is something I've fully tested out!

Finally you have the Spektre remix of The Gods Clap, and oh boy is it a mammoth tune! It's as if everything has been dialed up to the maximum with rolling drums, tizzy hi-hats and claps and a gargantuan main riff that's tonal and punchy. It's a track that will fill many a dancefloor in the coming months, as it just begs to be danced to.

Picking a favourite of the three is a real challenge: Russian Doll and the Spektre remix of The Gods Clap are both so good on the dancefloor and the original mix of The Gods Clap really gets under your skin. But don’t take my word for it - check it out for yourself! 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 November


Review Score: 9




Tags: Whyt Noyz, Elevate, Spektre, Pig & Dan, techno