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Wiley awarded the MBE

Grime pioneer recognised "for services to music"

2018 Jan 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Marc Almond and Barry Gibb also feature on the 2018 New Year Honours list

Grime pioneer Wiley is now grime pioneer Wiley MBE to you, after the 38-year-old (who's known to the taxman as Richard Kylie Cowie) was named in the 2018 New Year Honours List on Friday.

Interestingly, the Eskiboy's gong is "for services to music", where many other previous honours recipients from our world - such as Trevor Nelson or Norman Jay - got theirs (at least ostensibly) as much for their peripheral activities in charity work as for their music. If you wanted official confirmation of grime's cultural impact and positive contribution to Britain's balance of trade over the past 10-15 years, there it is. From the Queen, and everything. So congratulations, Richard Cowie MBE!

Wiley said in a Facebook post: "So thankful for this. It feels like the school grade I wanted and didn’t get but now I’m finally there. I would like to thank my mother and father plus all family members and friends for being there for me when I needed them."

Going one better than Wiley though was synth-pop pioneer Marc Almond, formerly of Soft Cell, who was made an OBE "for services to art and culture" (get him!). Also on the list were Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who were both knighted. As Ringo received an MBE in 1967, bookies are now taking bets on Wiley becoming Sir Richard Cowie circa 2068...

Pic: Clozone/Creative Commons 1.0 (public domain)





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