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Your chance to dance on Tatooine

Electronic festival returns to 'Star Wars' location

2019 Oct 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Les Dunes Electronique takes place at Ong Jemel in Tunisia on 16 and 17 November

Tunisian electronic music festival Les Dunes Electroniques returns after a three-year absence next month, bringing world-class house and techno talent to the unique location of Ong Jemel in Tunisia – better known to most as Mos Espa in the original Star Wars film.

Les Dunes Electroniques (for those that didn't pay attention in school, that's French for 'electronic dunes'… tee-hee) will be headlined by Luciano and Apollonia. Joining them will be a host of DJ talent both international (Audiofly, Stimming, Nicolas Lutz, Konstantin Sibold, Behrouz) and homegrown (Hazem Berrabah, Ghassen Ghazouani, Kusman), who collectively will supply 30 hours of non-stop house, tech-house, techno and more.

The event is supported by Tunisia's Ministry of Tourism, and was previously scheduled for September, but was postponed following the death of the Tunisian president.

For the full line-up, further information and tickets, see the festival website.





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