2016 Aug 01     
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The UK duo's 'greatest hits' set doubles as a potted history of vocal trance production trends, says Danny Slade

Zirenz are without a doubt the queens of vocal trance. Proof comes in the form o this Vocal Trance Decade Collection on their own Afterworld Recordings label, which features 20 of their biggest tunes, collaborations and remixes from the last 10 years. And oh boy, have there been some belters!

I first came across Zirenz when they sent me one of their demos back in 2004. I was immediately taken by their vocal prowess, which stood head-and-shoulders over most of the other female-voiced trance released around the same time. Now 12 years on, their dedication to the genre is pretty much peerless, as they have stuck to their guns and released some truly memorable tracks that have gone on to win the support of the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila and Paul Oakenfold, to name but a few.

The album itself features 20 tracks that are all Zirenz productions, co-productions or featured mixes of their tracks, and that - as the title suggests - span the last decade of their output. They are all very well written and produced, and all feature their dulcet tones in some form or another. As the tracks progress down their timeline, you can also pretty much track the changes in popular vocal trance production over the years.

From their earliest track Tears Of An Angel right through to their latest, Remember Me, what you have is a powerful collection of well-produced vocal trance memories, and memories are what a good compilation album stands or falls by. To be able to conjure up that moment when you first heard a track, or the memory of a dancefloor where you first danced to it, is what this compilation is all about, and they have done an excellent job of spinning out a tale of trance in true Zirenz style.

My favourite tracks are Tears Of An AngelEdge Of Space and Prison Of Love as they remind me of the golden age of trance when the genre was at its peak, but all have their place in this compilation and stand as proof of Zirenz' dedication to the artform that is trance music.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 11 August (Beatport) / 25 August (general release)


Review Score: 9




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